Action Logement Services

Action Logement Services
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Action Logement Services facilitates access to housing to promote employment and contribute to the economic dynamism of local areas, by providing loans, financial assistance and services for employees, companies and landlords.

To meet its ambitions and missions, Action Logement Services has decided to provide its 3,000 users with an innovative solution to accelerate learning, facilitate use, maximise the user experience and encourage peer-to-peer exchanges on its business applications.

ALS’ priorities:

  • accelerate and secure the convergence of legacy systems towards a single solution.
  • align users with new functionalities and business processes.
  • control and reduce application training costs and prioritise business training.

More than 10 people trained in September 2022 have produced and published the GPS application with K-NOW, along with help and guidance on People Doc, Talentsoft, Qualiac, Horoquartz, etc.

Initial feedback from users, via the K-NOW feedback function, has been excellent.

Action Logement Services aims to deploy K-NOW publications on more than 10 applications before the end of 2023.

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