Application GPS software

The Digital Adoption Platform which simplifies
learning and using applications.

Are you managing a digital transformation project?

Are you supporting hundreds or thousands of users - trained or untrained - getting to grips with and best using their business applications in real-life work situations, while at the same time reducing calls to support, increasing productivity and heightening user satisfaction?
Simplify onboarding
This application GPS / educational software has been designed to help your teams and partners adapt efficiently to easily carry out their daily work, occasional tasks and complex assignments, following the roll-out of a new application, a new module or a new version
Grow user engagement by >60%
Working while learning, learning while working on business applications, as if an expert were sitting right next to you. Organizations that use K-NOW notice an acceleration in the rate of team adoption and engagement, and growth in user confidence and satisfaction of nearly 90%
Reduce support calls by >50%
Users are confronted with regular updates to their SaaS applications. Guidance and alerts simplify getting to grips with these new features. This allows for reduced Hotline calls and improves input and data quality by >33%
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K-NOW’s objectives

Create and publish guides and messages on top of your application. Contextual help within the application GPS simplifies understanding, support and the process of getting to grips with the application and processes.

K-NOW's Main features

Depending on each person’s profile and role, tailor-made pathways mixing videos, guided walkthroughs and step-by-step guidance allow a novice user to quickly become familiar with the business application. Collecting users’ opinions in the onboarding phase, then regularly during usage of the application, allows for you to regularly optimize messages and guidance for users’ ultimate satisfaction.
Guidance starts wherever the user is, for example, in the middle of carrying out a process, and can be launched from a link shared by email, a chatbot, or a forum. Guidance takes different paths according to the data entered or selected by the user, and can continue into another application. Guidance can also be dependent on the user profile.
PDFs or videos containing support, instructions, management rules or business practices can be played by the application GPS / educational tool in the places where they will be the most useful. A simple contextual search allows users to access the document when they need it without wasting any time. Simplifying access to support material massively increases its impact.
Announcements, messages, alerts, stickers and guides can all be translated into any language regardless of the application’s default language. The user can choose to access K-NOW help in any language.

Advantages of the application GPS

Guiding users helps train them

Just like a GPS in a car, K-NOW pinpoints the users in the application to bring them the help they need at the right moment and guide them towards the new process to follow, the latest business rule or the video to watch.

Confident users

From first implementation, users are reassured and are more efficient. Whatever the application, they find the same style of support. They go along with change faster, make fewer mistakes, and resort less often to calling support.

Fast onboarding

Management teams, business teams, trainers and pedagogic designers don’t need any specific technical skills to create and manage updates and publish them in one click. They can also create campaigns, depending on users’ profiles, analysis and feedback.

Simplified updates

Applications evolve quickly. The platform has been designed to easily push messages and guidance from the test environment to the production environment. The administration console allows you to visually follow the help and guidance to be activated. It only takes a few minutes to update guidance and publish it.

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