K-NOW: your digital adoption navigator

K-NOW, Knowmore's Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), effectively guides your employees, suppliers, and clients in their daily use of applications (CRM, ERP, HRIS, Supply Chain, CMMS, PLM, e-procurement, collaborative tools, web portals, specific applications, and more). Enhance the digital transformation of your business processes with K-NOW.

K-NOW key features

K-NOW from Knowmore extends beyond a traditional Digital Adoption Platform (DAP). It's an interactive, no-code software that offers contextual guidance to users, much like an app GPS, ensuring an optimal user experience with their tools. Explore our solution to simplify digital adoption and enhance the use of your business applications.

K-NOW offers personalized user journeys, tailored to individual profiles and roles, incorporating videos, guided tours, and step-by-step guidance to rapidly familiarize users with business applications. Gathering user feedback during onboarding and throughout application usage allows for continuous optimization of messages and guidance, ensuring high user satisfaction and boosting user adoption. This process enhances the digital transformation of your business processes.

K-NOW offers interactive guidance that starts right where the user is, even in the middle of a process. These guides can be launched using a shared link, whether it originates from an email, chatbot, or forum. They adapt to the values entered or selected by the user and can span across different applications, all personalized based on each user’s profile, thus enhancing digital adoption.

Knowmore’s App Guidance and Tutorial system strategically positions support materials, instructions, business rules, and workflow documentation in the form of PDFs or videos where they are most relevant. Contextual search enables users to conveniently access these resources precisely when needed, eliminating any time wastage. This streamlined access to support materials significantly amplifies their effectiveness for efficient digital adoption.

Our solution’s announcements, messages, alerts, stickers, and guidance can be translated into any language, regardless of the application’s language. This empowers users to select assistance in their preferred language, making software adoption more accessible and personalized.

The advantages of App navigation

K-NOW functions much like a GPS in a car, pinpointing the user’s location within the application and offering timely assistance, along with guidance on the latest processes, business rules, and videos to streamline tool adoption.

Right from their initial interactions, users guided by K-NOW’s interactive support become more efficient. Whether it’s any type of application, they encounter consistent contextual assistance. This approach promotes successful digital adoption, helping users adapt to changes more quickly, minimize errors, and reduce their reliance on technical support.

Business analysts, business teams, trainers, and instructional designers can effortlessly create, manage updates, and distribute content with a simple click or through campaigns, all without requiring advanced technical skills or programming (no-code). This user-friendly approach caters to various user profiles, considering usage analysis and user feedback

Applications evolve frequently, requiring constant adaptation. Our platform is purpose-built for the seamless transfer of messages and contextual guidance from the testing environment to the production environment. With our user-friendly admin console, you can monitor real-time activation of assistance, guidance, and interactive support using counters. Updating and publishing guidance takes just a few minutes.

Our clients have embraced K-NOW

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Leading a digital transformation project?

Are you looking to streamline the adoption of your business applications for hundreds or even thousands of users, whether they are already trained or not? Do you want to reduce support requests, increase productivity, and enhance user satisfaction in real workplace scenarios?

Simplify Onboarding

Empower your employees and partners to effectively adapt to application, module, or version deployments, enhancing their efficiency and evolvment with our Application GPS/Tutorial.

Boost user engagement by


K-NOW promotes learning by directly interacting with business applications, resulting in nearly a 60% boost in adoption, engagement, trust, and user satisfaction.

Reduce support ticket volume by


Frequent updates of SaaS applications are greatly streamlined with guides and alerts, resulting in a significant reduction in support calls and a more than 33% improvement in data quality

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