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Our Digital Adoption Platform is revolutionizing the user experience across all industries, enabling employees, suppliers, and clients to effectively master Business Applications such as CRM, ERP, HRIS, Supply Chain, CMMS, e-Procurement, collaborative tools, web portals, and specific applications. KnowMore is redefining Digital Adoption by seamlessly combining learning and usage for an optimal user experience.

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Driving change and accelerating digital transformation

Maximize your digital transformation process to ensure that your employees and partners, regardless of their location, effectively utilize digital tools and business applications, thus promoting the achievement of your organization's objectives within your digital transformation.

Optimize your employee onboarding process by seamlessly combining discovery journeys and business application guidance.

Simplify hands-on training with our Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), enabling users to learn while performing their day-to-day and exceptional tasks directly within their applications.

Elevate the digital experience to boost employee adoption and productivity, utilizing tooltips, and data entry aids.

Stay connected with your entire workforce, keeping them informed of the latest changes and management guidelines, while promoting engagement by seeking their input directly within the business application.

Simplify digital adoption and navigation on your web portals, consumer applications, or e-commerce sites in healthcare (doctors – patients), education (teachers – students), or commerce (customers – prospects).

Streamline user onboarding, making the process accessible to all, regardless of supplier size, eliminating the need for tutorials, videos, or support calls.

Enhance customer and partner satisfaction through an optimized digital experience, thereby promoting engagement and loyalty.

Boost customer and partner engagement and loyalty to maximize your revenue and contribute to digital transformation, all while reducing churn rates. Drive digital adoption, facilitate navigation, and create seamless user experiences for healthcare professionals, patients, educators, students, and commerce stakeholders.

Accelerate time-to-market and enhance user experiences by promoting the seamless adoption of new technologies and features. Reduce costs through interactive online simulations for employees and partners, preventing costly errors that may occur when users are not adequately trained in new business applications.

Improve user experience with personalized guidance and standardized processes that enable users to better understand the functionalities of digital tools. Measure the adoption level of your platforms and applications by delivering reports and analyses on the effective use of digital tools, allowing you to identify necessary improvements for a successful digital transformation of your business.

Our Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) revolutionizes software implementation and utilization, ensuring that users across various sectors effectively master business applications. We redefine digital adoption by combining learning and usage for an optimal user experience. Drive adoption, boost user satisfaction, and achieve a higher ROI while optimizing digital experiences, workflows, and personalized guidance.

Customize onboarding and guidance publications for each profile, thereby reducing the learning curve. Enhance knowledge retention by providing real-time access to documents within your ECM, LMS, strengthening skills at their own pace.

Take immediate action to handle surges in support requests or promptly provide fresh guidance with agility. Track key performance indicators to adjust and optimize existing aids, whether by supplementing, modifying, removing, or creating new ones.

Utilize our Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to streamline software implementation and utilization, driving user adoption and improving user satisfaction.

Enhance user experience for your software, business applications, and collaborative platforms by replacing or supplementing native help, offering continually updated business support aligned with your organization’s culture and guidelines.

Save time by seamlessly incorporating aids and guidance from the outset of your custom developments and throughout the delivery of new features, streamlining onboarding, user support, and digital adoption of business applications.

Mitigate user dissatisfaction and increase conversion rates for your platforms and website by providing clients and suppliers with a tailored and just-in-time digital experience, optimized for user satisfaction and ROI.

Unlocking digital growth with KnowMore: Key metrics

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million users
business applications for a single customer

Industry-specific success stories for digital adoption with Knowmore

“The flexibility of the solution, its adaptability to the agendas of the people being trained and its availability at all times make it an ideal tool for continuous training, consolidating and securing the transformation. Deputy Director General, in charge of transformation projects for the ANRU Agency.”

“Today, our Customer Support teams are autonomous and responsive when it comes to creating and updating help or introducing new Qrew features.”

Chloé Quick MS

“BNP wanted to enable branch advisers in close contact with customers and prospective customers to demonstrate “My Accounts” and guide them remotely when necessary. The bank also wanted to offer its customers a solution for getting to grips with “My Accounts” and familiarising themselves with it without the risk of making mistakes with their personal accounts.

Result: The number of unique visitors to the “My Accounts” simulator has increased by 250%, with 24,000 unique visitors per month.

Everything you need to maximize your business application potential

K-STUDIO: App Simulator

Develop highly engaging and 100% realistic interactive training modules with our simulator, allowing you to authentically replicate the interfaces of your applications. These immersive training programs are strategically designed to boost the adoption of your software and applications by your user base.

Business application capture

Creating content

Recipe content

Diffusing content

K-NOW: Digital Adoption Platform

Easily create and deliver contextual guidance and messages overlaying your application seamlessly. Ensure real-time support and elevate the overall user experience using our Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to drive software adoption, reduce support tickets, and optimize user journeys.

Onboarding - Feedback

Intelligent guidance

contextual access to your media


K-VALUE: App Usage Analysis

Optimize the overall user experience by leveraging advanced analytics tools tailored for in-depth insights. Conduct thorough assessments of user satisfaction, gather valuable feedback from users, and precisely identify areas for improvement. Through these comprehensive analyses, we aim to deliver an enhanced user experience.

Real-time KPIs

Usage indicators

Value analysis

Data reconciliation

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