Digital adoption as part of a digital transformation process

Welcome to the page dedicated to digital transformation with Knowmore. Discover how our solution, K-Now, can facilitate and accelerate your digital transformation while improving the experience of your users.

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Digital transformation is essential if you are to remain competitive in a constantly changing world. It can help you optimise your processes, increase productivity and deliver a better customer experience. But it can also be complex. That’s where Knowmore comes in.

Digital transformation brings unique challenges, including resistance to change, employee training and measuring results. At Knowmore, we understand these challenges and can help you overcome them.

Proven experience: Knowmore, with over 20 years’ experience, is a leader in digital adoption.

Customised: Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs.

Measurable Results: Measure the impact of your digital transformation with hard data.

Expert Support: Benefit from the support of our experts to maximise the value of your investment.

RGAA compliance

Data security

Million users

How Knowmore facilitates digital transformation

Offer contextual training directly within applications to reduce the learning curve.

Create guides to help your users perform specific tasks, simplifying the adoption of new functionalities.

Our solution provides in-depth analysis of user interactions with your applications to identify friction points.

Track the performance of your applications in real time to make informed decisions.

Our solutions


GPS Application to guide, advise and alert users in the use of their applications in real working situations. Customisable guidance for different purposes.

Onboarding - Feedback

Intelligent guidance

Contextual access to your media



The e-learning authoring software for creating training content with applications that are 100% realistic, interactive, more flexible and more cost-effective than a training environment.

Business application capture

Creating content

Recipe content

Broadcasting content


Analytics platform to measure the real uses of applications to improve user experience and optimise digital adoption.

Real-time KPIs

Use Indicators

Value analysis

Data reconciliation


HRIS software to support the digitalization of HR – Knowmore

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What is digital transformation and why is it important for my business?

Digital transformation involves the use of digital technologies to improve processes, productivity and the customer experience. It is important because it enables businesses to remain competitive and adapt to a constantly changing environment.

How can Knowmore help my company with its digital transformation?

Knowmore offers K-Now Application GPS, a solution designed to simplify digital transformation by analysing user behaviour, providing personalised guidance and measuring application performance, thereby facilitating the adoption of digital technologies.

How does K-Now user behaviour analysis work?

K-Now Application GPS analyses user interactions with your business applications, identifying friction points and areas for improvement. This in-depth analysis enables you to optimise the user experience.

What are the benefits of personalised guidance?

Personalised guidance enables your users to learn and perform specific tasks within your applications. This simplifies the adoption of new functionalities and reduces the need for external training and technical aids.

How does Knowmore measure application performance?

Knowmore provides real-time performance indicators for your applications, enabling you to monitor usage and identify areas for improvement.