The Key Role of Product Owners and Product Managers in Digital Transformation

Product Owners (POs) and Product Managers (PMs) play an essential role in the success of digital transformation within organisations. As the people responsible for guiding products and projects, they face unique challenges in driving change and improving operational efficiency.

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The main challenges of digital transformation and application adoption for digital POs/PMs

Digital transformation brings with it its share of challenges, and digital POs and PMs are often at the heart of these issues. Here are some of the most common challenges they face:

Introducing new technologies and digital tools into an organisation can be difficult. POs and PMs need to ensure that teams adopt these technologies quickly and effectively.

The PO/PM must ensure that digital transformation initiatives are perfectly aligned with the company’s overall strategy. This means working closely with senior management and stakeholders to understand strategic priorities and translate them into development roadmaps.

User experience is crucial to the success of digital products. POs and PMs must constantly monitor and improve this experience to meet user expectations.

Digital transformation often involves significant changes to work processes and methods. POs must be prepared to manage resistance to change and implement change management strategies to ensure successful adoption of new technologies.

Existing systems within a large enterprise can be notoriously complex and old. POs need to navigate this complexity while orchestrating the transition to new technologies, while minimising disruption to ongoing business operations.

POs must excel at communication to ensure that stakeholders clearly understand the progress, challenges and benefits of digital transformation. They are also responsible for managing stakeholder expectations and demands.

Digital transformation aims to make business processes more efficient. POs and PMs need to identify opportunities for optimisation and ensure that they are implemented.

Data security and regulatory compliance are crucial concerns. POs are responsible for ensuring that digital products are secure and comply with both current regulations and those imposed by the company’s IT department.

POs must be able to assess the value generated by digital transformation initiatives. This involves defining relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and continuously monitoring results to ensure that objectives are met.

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How Knowmore Helps You Meet Your Key Challenges

K-Now GPS for Applications enables development initiatives to be contextualised in line with the company’s strategic objectives, guaranteeing perfect alignment.

K-Value enables you to assess the value generated by your digital initiatives thanks to customised KPIs and real-time monitoring. In fact, this solution can collect data on usage, performance and problems encountered by users. This information is invaluable for making informed decisions about system improvements.

POs/PMs can design engaging training sessions using K-Studio. Learners can practice using applications in a virtual environment, accelerating their mastery of new technologies.

Knowmore makes it easy for POs/PMs to communicate effectively with a range of stakeholders, including end-users, developers and Agile project managers. They can quickly share updates, new features and best practices. User feedback helps to identify problems, gather ideas for improvements and prioritise development tasks.

Data confidentiality is a priority for us. We use advanced security measures to protect the data collected by our solutions. In addition, we comply with current data protection regulations.

K-Value can help POs/PMs monitor how the information system contributes to the company’s business objectives. They can define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and use K-Value to monitor the system’s performance against these indicators.

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GPS Application to guide, advise and alert users in the use of their applications in real working situations. Customisable guidance for different purposes.

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The e-learning authoring software for creating training content with applications that are 100% realistic, interactive, more flexible and more cost-effective than a training environment.

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Analytics platform to measure the real uses of applications to improve user experience and optimise digital adoption.

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HRIS software to support the digitalization of HR – Knowmore

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