Improve User Experience

The Analytics Platform for measuring application usage
in real time and improving user experience

Are you leading a digital transformation project?

Are your users comfortable using your applications or web portals ...?
What features are really being used?
Which processes are the most and least used? ...
Decommissioning an application?
While in the process of analysis a project’s scope, before deploying a new IT system or a new version, K-VALUE allows you to discover the features of an application that are really being used, and the consequences should you decommission the application.
Increase Digital Adoption by 60%
K-VALUE brings the finishing touch to Digital Adoption, simplifying how you measure a change project’s success from the users’ point of view. Who are your users? Are you supporting them all in an appropriate way? Has the process brought positive change, or does it spell wasted time for users?
Reduce Support Costs by >50%
K-VALUE shows key indicators in real time to measure the expected ROI of a change management or digital adoption project.
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K-VALUE’s objectives

K-VALUE charts usage and gives business teams the data to bring about appropriate corrections
to improve user experience.
How can you optimize your applications’ Digital Adoption? Should you add more content to training, enrich
K-NOW guidance, improve application settings, revise business processes…?

K-VALUE’s main features

K-VALUE anonymously tracks users’ behaviour in an application. This contextual information is compiled in tabs and menus and associated with sequencing data, then treated and concisely rendered to be interpreted immediately without any complicated configuration by the product manager or project team.
Follow the macro-micro usage indicators of an application or individual pages, based on the analytic approach of your choice: total time spent, median time, number of visits, frequency of visits, exit rate. Dashboards and key figures allow you to easily visualize your applications’ level of usage.
The Analysis Graph and the Points VALUE make interpreting the data easier. Configurable thresholds quickly show you abnormal values. Business teams can use an IT system’s or a new version’s pre- and post-deployment indicators in order to better meet their performance objectives.
K-VALUE allows you to compare analyses by aggregating data from other databases. Just import a CSV file with Help Desk data to enrich evaluations and measure your actions’ impact. The imported data’s correlation table can be configured by the user.

The advantages of K-VALUE

Real-life, real-time analysis

K-VALUE can render page-by-page analysis directly on top of the application. This allows you to visualize results relevant to a page and see how they evolve throughout navigation. Analysis is presented within the application environment, thereby simplifying its interpretation. A summary can be accessed at any moment at the click of a mouse.

Simple and easy to interpret

All data is rendered in a simple, visual way for easy interpretation. The user isn’t overwhelmed with stacks of over-complicated information. The key points can be viewed at a glance.

High-volume measurement

K-VALUE is designed to withstand mass data collection on high-traffic application usage. K-Value treats data from the day before, making it very reactive in presenting data and showing dashboards and key indicators.

Cross-application compatibility

Usage analysis is collected and rendered generically, whatever the application. Data can therefore be compared or consolidated for multi-application analysis. CTOs can then implement a usage platform for all types of application, independently of a change management project.

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