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Application Simulator for interactive training

Are you in charge of a digital training project?

Are you training hundreds or thousands of partners to be operational immediately on a new version of your HR, CRM, ERP, Procurement, or collaborative applications
in order to improve digital adoption, productivity and reduce training costs?
HR - L&D - Business leaders
Meeting your digital transformation needs: training and onboarding pathways, short windows for large-scale training, measured learning through evaluations, multi-lingual training on an application in-house or remotely
Reduce training costs
Reduce training time and costs by >55% and increase learner ownership of the tools by >200%*
(*Source National Training Laboratories Bethel Maine)
Replace your training centre
Avoid the inconvenience and costs associated with training environment. No longer worry about maintaining infrastructure, compatibility of training equipment, logins, datasets, interactions between several business applications and the resulting side effects
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K-STUDIO’s objectives

E-learning creation software for creating 100% realistic, interactive training content,
which is more flexible and more cost-effective than a learning centre in practice-based e-learning training, in-house or remotely

K-STUDIO’s Main features

Clone entire screens at the click of a mouse. K-STUDIO instantly recreates a 100% true replica of an application: features, buttons, calendars, data. This realism, combined with interactivity, is what creates learner immersion and engagement.
Create page-by-page practical exercises with inputs, multi-path outcomes and multi-application integration, which will allow the learner to take ownership of the business process. The innovative K-STUDIO technology helps to easily find multi-lingual training content faster than traditional tools.
The collaborative platform and the integrated workflow tools simplify testing content for pedagogic teams. Business applications evolve throughout the change process with version updates, for example… with K-STUDIO e-learning creation software, it is very simple to edit and replace a screen or data, while maintaining a record of changes.
Build training pathways and publish training content in a web format, however you choose to do so: LMS, intranet, USB drive, K-STUDIO drive, Android app… follow the trends in learners’ ownership and evaluate exercise scores in your LMS.

The advantages of e-learning creation software

Practice-based learning

Learners training remotely or in the office on a PC, tablet or smartphone carry out the same input and processes that they will have to do in a real-life work situation: application demos, step-by-step discoveries, practical exercises with input, cross-application processes, evaluation exercises, quizzes

Trainers don’t need to worry about datasets

In the office or remotely, K-STUDIO easily lets you switch between sequences by combining exercises and multimedia documents in one place, picking up a task at the stage you would like without having to go through the whole process again…

Remote onboarding

At any one time, hundreds of leaners can be simultaneously completing e-learning tasks. Training without constraints, making mistakes, asking for the answer if they don’t know, or submitting a process without fear of consequences on production.

Designers or L&D teams can optimize content creation

4-in-1. Training content created with the e-learning creation software allows for automatically generated content for guided walkthroughs, training material, evaluation exercises, and initiating guidance in K-NOW.

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