E-Learning Authoring Software K-STUDIO: Create, Train, Succeed

Create interactive, 100% realistic training content tailored to your business applications effortlessly with K-STUDIO. Our e-learning authoring software makes training more flexible, cost-effective, and ensures an exceptional learning experience, accelerating software adoption.  

K-Studio key features

Design 100% realistic interactive training with K-STUDIO, your go-to e-learning authoring software. Our flexible and cost-effective solution empowers you to train your teams hands-on, whether in-person, remotely, or through e-learning. Choose effectiveness with K-STUDIO training.

Simplify the creation of interactive training with a click using K-STUDIO, the e-learning authoring software. Instantly clone each screen of an application to faithfully preserve behaviors, buttons, calendars, data, ensuring total immersion and increased engagement for your learners.

With K-STUDIO, effectively train your teams, whether in-person, remotely, or through e-learning, while accelerating the adoption of your applications.


Edit screen by screen a practical exercise, providing inputs, multiple pathways, and interactions across various applications. This distinctive approach empowers learners to efficiently master and take ownership of business processes.

Additionally, K-STUDIO’s innovative technology expedites the swift localization of training content in multiple languages, far surpassing traditional tools.

Revolutionize your training with K-STUDIO, enhancing the adoption of your business applications while driving the digital transformation of your enterprise.

The collaborative platform and integrated workflow streamline content validation by instructional teams. The business application evolves in tandem with change management, version upgrades, and more. With K-STUDIO, an e-learning authoring tool, replacing a modified screen or data is effortlessly done while preserving change traceability.

Craft personalized learning paths and deliver your online training content on the platform of your choice: LMS, intranet, USB drive, K-Studio Drive, Android Apps, etc. Effectively monitor learners’ pace of assimilation and exercise scores directly from your LMS. Streamline training management for more efficient learning

The advantages of an e-learning authoring software

Facilitate the testing of content by educational teams with the collaborative platform and integrated workflow. The business application evolves with change management and version updates. With K-STUDIO, an e-learning authoring tool, it’s easy to replace a modified screen or data while maintaining traceability of changes.

Create engaging and flexible training structures, whether in-person or remote, with K-Studio. Easily blend interactive exercises with multimedia content on a single platform. Moreover, you can resume an exercise from any desired step without starting the entire process again, enhancing the user experience.

At any given time, hundreds of learners can engage in simultaneous e-learning, practice without constraints, have the freedom to make mistakes, launch the solution when uncertain, or finalize a process without fearing consequences in the production environment. This approach enhances the effectiveness of training.

K-STUDIO, the 4-in-1 e-learning authoring software, automates the creation of training content, process walkthroughs, training materials, assessed exercises, and the initiation of guides within K-NOW. This automation streamlines the development of educational content for an optimized learning experience.

Our clients have embraced K-STUDIO

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Leading a digital transformation project?

Strategically train hundreds or even thousands of employees for seamless adoption of new versions in HR, CRM, ERP, Procurement, and collaborative tools. Boost digital adoption, enhance productivity, and cut down on training costs effectively.

HR Departments - L&D - Business Lines

To effectively meet your digital transformation needs, we offer tailored training paths and onboarding programs. Whether you have tight training schedules or aim for rapid scalability, our solutions enable you to gauge learner progress through assessments. Moreover, our courses are available in multiple languages and can be delivered in-person or remotely to suit your requirements.

Reduce training costs by


And increase learner ownership by +200%* (*Source National Training Laboratories Bethel Maine). Strengthen learner engagement, fostering a quicker and more effective adoption of your training and content. Enhance your learners' experience and maximize the outcomes of your training program.

Replace your school base

Enhance your training environment while minimizing associated drawbacks and costs. Our solution eliminates the need for infrastructure maintenance management, resolves compatibility issues with training stations, and handles access rights, datasets, and complex interactions between various business applications. Simplify your training processes and cut costs with our innovative approach.

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