Accelerate digital adoption of the Aras Innovator solution

Aras Innovator is a PLM platform for managing the entire product lifecycle, from design to end-of-life, involving all corporate functions and all external contributors to the value chain. The Aras PLM solution enables companies to seize development opportunities in real time, and respond to technological developments and the needs of their markets.

Boost your digital adoption with K-NOW from Knowmore

Would you like to help hundreds or thousands of users, trained or untrained, to get to grips with and use their business applications effectively in real-life situations, while at the same time reducing support calls, boosting productivity and increasing user satisfaction?

Make it easy for your company to get started with Aras Innovator

Knowmore revolutionizes the software user experience by simplifying every interaction. Thanks to K-Now App GPS, an intuitive, guided approach, it optimizes processes, promoting digital adoption and user satisfaction.

Knowmore simplifies the completion of complex tasks in software and business applications by providing step-by-step instructions for smooth, efficient operation, whatever the user’s level of experience.

Knowmore offers 24/7 support, ensuring reliable ongoing assistance for customers’ needs in an ever-changing digital environment.

The all-in-one tool for bringing your teams up to speed with your applications

With interactive presentations available at all times, and simplified personalized content creation, you can boost your teams' efficiency while monitoring their progress with intuitive analyses. With Knowmore, you have a reliable partner to bring your teams up to speed with ease.


your team members with interactive presentations available 24/7.


personalized content in just a few clicks to guide users through any of your software's processes.


how your users interact with your content thanks to an easy-to-use dashboard and analytics.

The value proposition

Solve the most complex and specific problems in the product life cycle

Connecting silos for simplified collaboration

  • Connecting silos for simplified collaboration
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Limit pre-market product modifications

Eliminate superfluous customization

  • Adopt new features, functionalities and technologies without undertaking time-consuming and costly migrations
  • Avoid costly downtime due to lengthy upgrade processes
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

Adapt workflows, data models and user interfaces without limits

  • React quickly to market, customer and regulatory changes
  • Improve traceability and interoperability
  • Flexibility for modifications and adjustments throughout the product lifecycle

Meet specific sustainability requirements

  • Track, measure and manage your products’ ESG criteria globally
  • Capture and analyze data throughout the product lifecycle to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Work with suppliers to promote transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain




Millions Users




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