Cegid Retail - Improve your retail experience

The unified commerce platform, dedicated to specialist retailers and luxury brands, to increase your profitability, manage your retail activities and deliver an exceptional shopping experience thanks to committed in-store teams - anywhere in the world, with complete peace of mind.

Boost your digital adoption with K-NOW by Knowmore

Would you like to help hundreds or thousands of users, whether trained or not, to get to grips with and use their business applications effectively in real-life situations, while at the same time reducing support calls, boosting productivity and increasing user satisfaction?


lower average support costs for our customers


reduction in the number of face-to-face training sessions


time spent creating and updating content

Make it easy for your company to adopt Cegid Retail

Knowmore is revolutionising the software user experience by simplifying every interaction. Thanks to K-Now GPS for Applications, an intuitive, guided approach, it optimises processes, promoting digital adoption and user satisfaction.

Knowmore simplifies the completion of complex tasks in business software and applications by providing step-by-step instructions for smooth and efficient use, whatever the user’s level of experience.

Knowmore offers 24/7 support, ensuring reliable, ongoing assistance for customers’ needs in an ever-changing digital environment.

The all-in-one tool for bringing your teams up to speed with your applications.

With interactive presentations available at all times and simplified personalised content creation, you can boost the effectiveness of your teams while monitoring their progress with intuitive analyses. With Knowmore, you have a reliable partner to bring your teams up to speed with ease.


your team members with interactive presentations available 24/7.


customised content in just a few clicks to guide users through any of your software's processes.


how your users interact with your content thanks to an easy-to-use dashboard and analyses.

The value proposition

Cegid Retail offers a seamless omnichannel experience thanks to its unified management of customer journeys, sales activities and collections – in both local and international contexts.

Manage all your activities to optimise the availability of your products in the omnichannel era, thanks to our solutions for real-time unified stock management across all channels, omnichannel order management, restocking and supply management.

Cegid Retail Intelligence provides head office staff – and shop managers alike – with intuitive, mobile tools for analysing their business and making the right decisions independently.

Cegid Retail Store Excellence is an intuitive application for managing shop activities that saves time and makes life easier for teams in the field and network management.




Million users




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