Understanding and mastering digital dexterity to succeed in digital transformation"

dextérité numérique

The digital landscape is evolving rapidly and, with it, much of the organization of businesses: new tools, new work methods, new organization, new governance… Times are changing and digital transformation is a long but now indispensable process. Its success depends on many factors, but there is one that is a bit more essential than the others: the human factor.

More and more companies are aware of the importance of digital dexterity and integrating it into their processes and strategies. According to Gartner, it is an essential skill for companies in the digital age. But what is digital dexterity and how can we improve it? Discover in this article the keys to understanding and mastering digital dexterity for better performance.

The willingness and ability of teams to adopt new digital solutions are a prerequisite for successful digital transformation. This attitude towards change and the digital skills to respond to it can fall under a single banner: digital dexterity.

Is this ability innate or can it be acquired? And how to cultivate it? Who should be responsible for it? We tell you a bit more.

Open-mindedness and agility: Key elements of digital dexterity

To put it simply, digital dexterity is the willingness and ability of teams to effectively and fully use current and emerging digital technologies. The context in which the vast majority of companies, across all sectors, operate requires ongoing evolution and updates: software is becoming increasingly autonomous, organizations are more flexible, and professional skills are being redefined.

In theory, this is a boon for the company: optimization of resources, improved customer user experience, simplification of data management…

In practice, it’s a challenge for the teams: while synonymous with new opportunities, these changes require the ability to welcome new tools and new work methods. Digital dexterity is essential in this regard: by developing the capacity of teams (whether or not they are accustomed to new technologies) to adapt, learn, understand the stakes, and adopt a “welcoming” attitude, the company ensures the successful implementation of digital transformation.

The issue is not whether someone knows how to manage the tool beforehand, but how to make them want to use it to its full potential.

How to Promote Digital Flexibility in the Company?

Digital dexterity isn’t acquired overnight; it largely depends on a company’s culture and a digital work environment. Developing personal digital dexterity is crucial to feeling comfortable in the digital world and adapting to new technologies. Today, the challenges of digital technology are not confined to IT teams; they must be shared by everyone. Therefore, it is essential to promote digital flexibility at all levels of the company and to support change. Training is a key lever to achieve this goal, as is support in getting to grips with new tools.

Your company must also create a digital work environment where employees can experiment and learn at their own pace. Digital workspaces, online learning platforms, and online communities are effective ways to encourage learning and collaboration. Even legacy applications can be a means to develop digital dexterity, by allowing users to access information more easily and quickly, step by step.

To be effective and sustainable, the effort must be collective: HR teams are often supported by business project managers, who are closer to the ground, and sometimes by IT departments, who are knowledgeable about the tools available.

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Who Are the Guardians of Digital Dexterity?

Fear of change is a human reaction, regardless of age or experience. But to achieve digital dexterity on a large scale, it is essential to maintain an open mind towards change. Employees who resist this evolution can hinder the success of the initiative. To encourage them to develop their digital skills and replace their apprehensions with excitement, strong leadership is necessary.

At the helm of such projects, HR teams are generally found, responsible for career management and aligning the workforce with the company’s needs. It is often their responsibility to encourage employees to adopt an open mindset, to have the ambition to respond to novelty, and to develop their digital skills.

HR departments must clarify their intentions and the stakes of this digital dexterity, both for the company and for the day-to-day life of the teams. Change management involves a long process that allows for “internalizing” new habits and reflexes.

Managers and team leaders can also lead these projects. Being the primary contacts for their teams, they are particularly familiar with the needs and goals, as well as the hesitations or obstacles their employees might face. Of course, if the management initiates the project, it can also steer it, especially in smaller companies.

What Digital Tools Facilitate Team Dexterity?

Statistically speaking, a small portion of employees feel sufficiently comfortable with digital technology to approach a transition serenely and without assistance.

Fortunately, digital tools such as office suites, online training platforms, project management platforms, instant messaging systems, and more, are all tools that can help companies develop the digital dexterity of their teams. Simulators and role-playing games are additional ways for employees to learn and train didactically in new technologies!

By providing online collaboration tools, you also encourage communication and collaboration among your employees, whether they are in-person or remote.

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