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On May 16, 2024, the Digital RH Meeting, dubbed the “Davos of HRDs and digital HR”, will hold its 14th edition at an undisclosed location in Paris. This avant-garde event brings together the visionaries and pioneers who are redefining talent management in the digital age. A veritable catalyst for innovative ideas, it explores the synergies between people and technology to optimize business performance.

Digital RH Meeting 2024: the agora of HR innovation

On May 16, 2024, the Digital RH Meeting will be the vibrant epicenter of innovation in human resources, and an unprecedented rendezvous for all those involved in digital transformation. A veritable catalyst for avant-garde trends, this major event will provide a prime showcase for organizations wishing to stand out in an ever-changing landscape.

Exclusively dedicated to 350 hand-picked HR and CIOs, this high-profile conference will encourage targeted exchanges and strategic networking. 70 global experts in Digital HR will gather to share their enlightened vision, nourished by invaluable insights.

What’s more, 350 meetings will be scheduled between the 30 suppliers and decision-makers, paving the way for fruitful collaborations.

At the heart of the digital-HR convergence, conferences will explore cutting-edge themes. These include “Digital transformation is not a technical revolution, but a cultural one”, and “Augmented HR: how to create a learning culture for your company and ensure its longevity”.

A unique opportunity to grasp current issues and develop a sustainable competitive advantage for all participants.

Knowmore solutions for the future of HR


In the quest to optimize business operations, Knowmore offers K-NOW, an innovative platform that pushes the boundaries of business application adoption.

Far from conventional methods, our solution integrates training and guidance at the very heart of the employee work environment.

Using a contextual, dynamic approach, K-NOW adapts its assistance in real time to the specific needs of each user. Help bubbles, targeted tutorials, malfunction alerts… The platform deploys a range of relevant resources designed to remove any obstacles to tool appropriation.

An unprecedented performance lever that promotes team skills development and optimizes data quality.

K-NOW’s convincing results bear witness to this:

  • 50% reduction in support calls.
  • 33% increase in data entry reliability.
  • 86% increase in user satisfaction.

Indicators that testify to the tangible impact on operational efficiency.

But K-NOW also stands out for its agile implementation. Neither advanced technical expertise nor complex development is required. Thanks to an intuitive interface, business teams and trainers can easily create and distribute customized, multi-lingual and scalable content.


K-STUDIO is an innovative training simulation solution, specially designed for business applications.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, it faithfully reproduces the interfaces of the software used in the company, accurately recreating the real environment in which learners evolve.

Every visual element, every interactive functionality is identically replicated, from buttons and menus to calendars and data sets. This ability to perfectly mimic target applications delivers a totally immersive learning experience for users.

K-STUDIO offers a unique approach combining application demonstrations, guided step-by-step discoveries, hands-on exercises with inputs, walkthroughs of multiple applications, graded exercises and quizzes. This hands-on approach enables learners to effectively master business processes.

Thanks to K-STUDIO, companies can effectively train their employees, whether in the classroom, remotely or via e-learning, while accelerating the adoption of business applications. The solution also facilitates rapid localization of training content into multiple languages.


For its part, K-VALUE is an analytical solution designed to provide a precise, real-time overview of the adoption of business applications within an organization.

Thanks to key indicators on the actual use of software by employees, this platform provides teams with a detailed and objective overview of the real level of appropriation of digital tools.

Among the metrics analyzed are time of use, frequency of use, features most or least exploited, and potential friction points slowing down adoption.

This global visibility and quantitative data enables precise identification of areas requiring corrective action, such as additional training or process simplification.

K-VALUE is thus positioned as a strategic tool for optimizing digital transformation, by continuously and granularly measuring effective staff adherence to new application environments.

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