Keys to implement digital transformation among your coworkers

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Digital transformation doesn’t just give your company a head start, it has become a staple that keeps gaining momentum with the introduction of flexible working models. The constant search for performance is the reason why we’re seeing new use cases that challenge long-established working models. They require the industry (and its employees) to keep up the pace with modern practices.


This is not just about which IT tools you’ll be switching to though. Getting a company to go digital also involves transforming your business as a whole, rethinking your processes and upgrading both your business and your skillset. If you want change to bring as much added value as possible, you’re going to need to take all these into account.


That’s it, you’ve gone digital…or have you?

Digital transformation might look perfect on paper, but it will only succeed once employees stick to it and switch not only to the solutions made available to them, but also  to the new business processes.


Just take it from Delphine Bourgeot, Partner at Axys Consultants, ” Only when employees get the meaning of change and accept it may we talk about subscription. Only when they become proactive and start using new software and processes may we talk about adoption”


Subscription and adoption are key to successful digital transformation…but how to achieve it?

Change management is an important part of the project, and this thought must be initiated right from the beginning of the project. The classic approach, which consists of an impact assessment broken down in key population groups, will be combined with the use of innovative tools which will supercharge adoption.


Out of all these superchargers, digital adoption solutions are the ones that stand out. They address the issues inherent to the use of the information system and to the understanding of the new processes and management rules.


The benefits for the employee become overwhelmingly clear. Indeed, choosing a digital adoption solution makes it possible for them to benefit from much more than a support system. Among other things, they’ll gain access to real-time walkthroughs as they input data, as well as push notifications, both curated and user-specific. As an added benefit, digital adoption becomes a smart extension of the learning system in place, thanks to its simulated interactive exercises.


Corporate management teams usually deem these solutions highly valuable and efficient. Indeed, they bring an excellent efficiency ratio to the delicate balance that is inherent to change management.


K-STUDIO. Your digital bootcamp

K-STUDIO is an e-learning authoring software that gives you tools to create 100% realistic interactive training content to master your HRMS. These learning “capsules” are more flexible and cost-effective than personalized learning. They allow for hands-on training, be it in person, remotely or through an e-learning environment.

What if I fail to get my employees on board during deployment?

A lack of support or support that is not customized for the project and the company’s culture will necessarily have an impact on the value delivered by the project.

According to Khadija Bourouayel, Director of Axys Consultants, in charge of the Digital Change Factory®, “companies are also increasingly appreciative of digital adoption solutions after their deployment: these tools help analyze what usage is made of software, making it possible to identify opportunities for improvement. This is the stepping stone to implement a continuous improvement system (such as a user journey overhaul, a shorter walkthrough, etc.).”


K-NOW. Know while you go

K-NOW, our digital adaptation platform, will guide your teams as they switch to your HRIS solution. Be it tutorials or training material, we have it all so that your teams get easily up to speed with onboarding, feedback requests and smart walkthroughs.



About Axys Consultants: Axys Consultants is the premier partner for sustainable performance. Since 1987, they have supported large companies and SMEs in their transformation. With 30 years of experience, a culture of immediate operational ability and impact, the agile know-how of 220 consultants, the intelligence of teams that, after many years working in it, know and understand the market.

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