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Our change management solutions. Maybe you are thinking of outsourcing your project to a Consultancy Firm , Integrator or to Knowmore. Or perhaps you would prefer to use in-house talent and receive support for the first deliverables. We’re here to listen and recommend the best approach to help your digital project succeed. Get in touch!

Selected Solutions

You don’t have the time or internal resources to successfully oversee your project in terms of production load constraints and deadlines. You would rather delegate the completion of the project to Knowmore or one of our partners. We’ll take care of it for you.
Using in-house talent
You have the resources and availability to train your team members on Knowmore platforms and oversee your training projects, manage your users’ change process and analyse application usage. We’ll train you.
You would like to use existing talent and oversee your project in-house, while at the same time receive support with the first deliverables by Knowmore or one of our partners. We’ll offer the appropriate supervision package.


We offer short training sessions either in our offices, your offices, or remotely, with a practical approach geared towards your application. Training sessions are aimed at management teams, business teams, trainers and pedagogic creators. You do not need any specific technical knowledge.

Change management

Our rigorous yet flexible methodology is the fruit of 20 years’ experience and 17 000 accumulated man-hours’ work, it allows us to support you and advise you, from the planning stage through to deliverables, in order to successfully meet your objectives.

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