35 000 Collaborators

70 Countries

10 Guides



The Performance Management Project STEP, piloted by the USA, aims to support the 10,000 managers of establishments and the entire hierarchical chain in the analysis and understanding of the analysis elements returned by Microsoft PowerBI.



The objectives of the project team are to :

  • Facilitate the appropriation of a new analytics application
  • Accompany users as they expand their scope of use



Depending on the manager’s profile, K-NOW provides personalized explanations of operating data KPIs!

Oresys and the Sodexo project team produced 10 guides and 350 stickers with different messages for the 34 countries.

150 unique users among the 2,000 deployed benefit from these contextual aids every day.

A transfer of K-NOW skills to the Sodexo project team was completed in 2020.

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