K-NOW simplifies the user experience on Ammon software

Ammon, Val Software’s premier software

Val Software is a leading provider of SaaS software solutions, specifically geared towards comprehensive and optimized management of professional training. The company’s core software, Ammon, is a platform that centralizes administrative management, strategic planning and invoicing, as well as integration with various third-party applications, thus ensuring fluid and comprehensive management of professional training.


With a rich, highly customizable user interface like Ammon’s, providing an effective application guidance solution for users is essential to ensure optimal understanding of processes and new functionalities, and to facilitate easy adoption of the tool. The challenge is to introduce alerts, help and guidance into Ammon in such a way as to enrich the user experience without disrupting users’ functional use of the application.


The integration of K-NOW is designed to enrich Ammon software with interactive guidance features such as guided tours, stickers, announcements, notifications and any other contextual hints to help users navigate the software, discover new features and master core functionality quickly and efficiently.


  • Simplify access to key functionalities to accelerate learning.
  • Actively participate in user onboarding by providing guided, personalized business paths.
  • Present new features and version updates to end-users in a contextual way.

“Adopting K-NOW is a step towards reducing support tickets and improving the user experience. It meets 2 key objectives: 1. to train customers on core functionalities such as billing, training creation and scheduling 2. Inform and train them on new versions. In this way, we facilitate the onboarding of our customers and encourage rapid adoption of new versions.”

Val Software

The integration process

At Val Software’s request, the deployment of K-NOW began with a Proof of Concept (POC) to test its integration with Ammon’s customizations. Once the POC had been completed, the project moved into the production phase, where specific guidance content was developed and integrated.


“Moving into the production phase with K-NOW, after a successful POC phase, symbolizes our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. Working with K-NOW expands our ability to effectively communicate updates and new features to our diverse user base.”

Val Software

Expected benefits

  • Improved user experience thanks to guided, context-sensitive learning.
  • Fewer support tickets thanks to greater user autonomy.
  • Accelerated software adoption and rapid integration of new features by users.


The integration of K-NOW should lead to a significant improvement in operational efficiency and user satisfaction, reinforcing Val Software’s position as a leading provider of software solutions for professional training.


“Integrating K-NOW into our software solution represents a major turning point in our approach to user experience. This technology enables us to accompany our users through every advanced stage of our software, ensuring better adoption and increased satisfaction.”

Val Software
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