A major French luxury house integrates a DAP into its digital catalogue

1,500 advisors
310 Flagship stores worldwide


In order to enhance the user and customer experience, a major French luxury house decided to integrate a digital adoption solution into one of its digital catalogues.

In all the boutiques around the world, the advisors of the luxury house now present the high jewelry collections to their customers on their mobile phones. This digital catalogue allows them to illustrate the presentation, characteristics and specificities of each piece.



The company wanted to make the new catalogue easier to use, to help advisors navigate through the pages, to limit calls to the back office and to be able to use this new tool as a means of internal communication.



Thanks to K-NOW, Knowmore’s GPS application, 2 guides and stickers in French and English were quickly implemented. 



K-NOW enabled 1,500 advisors of the French luxury goods company to practice browsing the digital catalogue on their mobile. They can very easily, especially since they do not necessarily do it every day : 

  • create lists of favorites for their customers, 
  • create lists of favorites for their customers, and make comparisons of high jewelry pieces.

The luxury house communicates directly on its digital catalogue to its advisors, thanks to the K-NOW announcement function, independently of the IT, just-in-time information providing details about a piece according to the country, the origins, a date of availability…


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