RATP makes Workday easier to learn and faster to use

12 million passengers transported each day around the world
45 000 Users
13 RATP procedures to practice
41 RATP procedures to be guided in a real-life work situation


The RATP has chosen the Workday SaaS solution to migrate its administrative HRIS, which was structured in silos around payroll management, to a Group HRIS that is agile, cross-functional and open to all.

This migration led to major changes in the habits of HR and managers: new processes, new tool.



RATP’s objective was to simplify the adoption of the new HR processes and to enable the tool to be used on a long-term basis during the project’s deployment.

Change management support was required.

The RATP decided to be supported by Oresys in the implementation of training and the deployment of the Digital Adoption Platform.


  • Advice and support in defining the scope of production according to the use cases
  • Support in defining the validation, acceptance, deployment and availability of deliverables

Design and production

  • Pedagogical methods: “typical” simulation of business processes in an environment that is 100% identical to the production environment
  • Contextual guidance on demand: when the user needs help in carrying out a business process in a real work situation
  • Writing and validation of scenarios
  • Capture of scenarios and editing of models based on validated scenarios
  • Development of guidance and positioning of contextual information
  • Design and validation of the pedagogical principles and key messages

Acceptance and delivery according to qualified and prioritised feedback



Smooth deployment and positive feedback:

  • 13 RATP procedures in the form of training exercises accessible at any time by hundreds of concurrent users
  • 41 RATP procedures available to facilitate the use of Workday in real work situations and accelerate employee engagement

Trainers ready and eager to use these innovative learning methods

Reassured and confident users

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