60 Qrew customers

10,000+ end users

4 languages: French, English, German, Spanish

QuickMS: a Digital Adoption Platform to improve the user experience of their Qrew software


We particularly appreciated the responsiveness of Knowmore’s teams in setting up the solution. The production start-up was very quick.

Chloé Santos Cottin,
Product manager, , QuickMS

The objective

To replace their current online help with a more powerful and customisable solution.

To improve the adoption of Qrew, its HR performance review software, QuickMS was looking for a solution that would facilitate the onboarding and support of its customers' end users.

The challenge was to improve the user experience in order to optimise customer satisfaction and allow a more complete use of the tool.


Our support

We supported QuickMS in replacing Zoe, the native help tool of their Qrew software, with our DAP solution K-NOW.

Indeed, Zoé was dependent on R&D, which did not facilitate the rapid publication of help and its evolution to meet the expectations of Qrew users.

On the other hand, our K-NOW solution offers a quick and autonomous creation by the QuickMS support teams of :

  • information push when the user connects to the Qrew software or when a specific
    page is opened
  • targeted communications attached to specific fields of the Qrew software
    (suggestions, notifications…)

Trained on our K-NOW solution at the beginning of July, the QuickMS teams published their first online helps via K-NOW in mid-August to the attention of 10,000+ customer users.

The users are very satisfied with these new aids. For example, they appreciate the clarifications made when creating new accounts, the guidance in the electronic signature process…


A 3-stage integration project completed in record time!

Trained at the beginning of July, Quick MS published its first K-NOW aids in mid-August for more than 10,000 customer users.

  • Kick-Off – mid-June
  • QuickMS user training – 2 days in early July
  • Release of the first helpers – mid-August


The favourite feature

The training team is preparing to implement NPS feedback, a K-NOW feature for collecting customer recommendations, during the next quarter for the annual interview campaign.


The appropriation of K-NOW by our teams was very fast thanks to the training provided by Knowmore. The author mode of K-NOW is very complete and very ergonomic. Today our customer support teams are autonomous and reactive in creating and updating help or presenting new Qrew features.

Chloé Santos Cottin,
Product manager, , QuickMS

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