28 hours interactive simulated training exercises

500 new employees trained every year

Orange replaces the order-taking school base with a simulated school base


5,000 customer advisors use OMEGA, the ORANGE cell phone order-taking application.
This application is interfaced with several other applications: billing, technical (for SIM cards), and others…

Given the relatively high internal and external turnover, ORANGE has to train around 500 new users every year.

Training used to take place on a classroom basis.
However, maintaining a complete and complex academic environment was both restrictive and costly for ORANGE.
In addition, it was not possible to show the user the entire end-to-end process, due to the interfaces and workflows with other applications.


ORANGE asked Knowmore to design a “simulated school base” reproducing some thirty OMEGA business processes, while giving the learner the impression of being in the real application.

Knowmore worked with K-STUDIO to design and deliver 100% realistic training content, right up to the simulation of the signing of a quotation.


Training courses are now based on this simulator, and continue to be carried out face-to-face.

The gains were immediate:

  • no more database constraints,
  • ability to show the user an end-to-end process,
  • infinite replayability of use cases.

Significant financial and environmental gains were made.

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