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110 Applications benefit from Application GPS
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We have reached the 110th application at the end of the year 2020! We would like to thank the Knowmore team for their work and support. Without you we would never have reached such a large number of applications!

Salif and Gibert

2001 : the genesis

Emmanuel Esquieu (CEO) and François Fraysse (CTO) found Knowmore, a French software publisher working in application simulation. They trademark the concept for the first Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) and experiment K-NOW with France Télécom.


2014 : Digital Awards

Orange awards Knowmore the Orange Digital Coaching Trophy for the 1st innovative project of the Group IT department.


2020: 110th application

Orange has deployed and continues each year to extend K-NOW on many areas:

Enterprise, IS, Fiber, Pros, Boutiques, Network, SCO, Marketing, Customers, CMMS, Billing, Collection…


Orange talks about Knowmore internally

A solution that provides users with help when they need it, when they are using an application.

This tool, independent of the business application, like a GPS, identifies the user’s position in an application, analyzes the operations carried out and consequently proposes the display of advice and “just-in-time” alerts. It can also offer to guide the user throughout the input process.

Technically, the integration of the solution in an application is simple. The inserted messages can be modified, without the need to put the business application into production.

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