28 000 Collaborators

200 Simulated training

15 Countries



Michelin’s objectives were to:

  • Standardize, simplify and accelerate the handling of all financial processes
  • Ensure consistent learning and implementation of processes by teams around the world regardless of local cultures



In order to guarantee the success of the training sessions, Michelin wanted to train Oracle e-business suite by doing.

Handling the application is the key to appropriation. Given the absence and/or difficulties and costs of implementing the school bases in the various environments and languages, Michelin decided to train and coach employees on the new processes via the K-STUDIO interactive training content simulating the ERP.

The learners were able to carry out exercises, consult and enter data as if they were really in Oracle e-business suite. The training sessions were held on a simple USB key, which is very useful and practical in some countries.



After the success of the Backbone ERP simulation training, Michelin decided to extend the use of this simulation training to the deployment of D2C, first in China and then in all geographies.

This project allowed Michelin and its partner Knowmore to win the 7th Trophy of the Trophies : The Change Management Trophy of the Oracle Peoplesoft – AUFO – JD Edwards Users Club

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