70,000 employees

15 e-learning courses

La Banque Postale facilitates and accelerates the relationship with its customers


As part of the overhaul and modernization of its information system aimed at bringing the commercial and banking networks closer together, La Banque Postale is setting up Isilis to facilitate the formalities for its customers to change their bank address.



As part of the Cap Client 3.0 project, the bank wanted to train its 70,000 employees to prepare them to support the customers of its two networks.



The simulated training content produced with K-STUDIO allowed to :

  • make it easier to master the processes
  • be used in a classroom setting and independently in e-learning
  • to upgrade the knowledge of the employees for a better appropriation of the tool

The SCORM standard e-learning is deployed on the Banque Postale’s LMS Ilias.


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