3 000 Vehicle safety inspection centre technicians

GNFA a complete vehicle safety inspection virtual experience


The 3000 vehicle safety inspection centre technicians undergo mandatory annual training.



For the GNFA, the aim of these training programmes is to teach technicians to recognize anomalies in a park of dummy vehicles based on ever-evolving regulations.  Technicians receive a certification at the end of the training.



GNFA chose K-STUDIO to implement simulated exercises on the various inspection tools that technicians need to master. The advantage of integrating 3D images of cars with defects in these interactive exercises is that it allows for exploring a wide range of defects and anomalies that would not be possible by relying solely on cars available in a real-world situation.

The technicians are able to practise on difficult cases before being certified.

The GNFA updates the simulation every year based on changes to regulations.

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