How to facilitate the demonstration of My Accounts mobile app by the BNP advisors

+250% unique visitors per month


My Accounts application allows individuals to easily carry out their banking operations on desktop and mobile. 

BNP wants to enable branch advisors in close contact with customers and prospects to demonstrate My Accounts and guide them remotely when necessary. 

The bank also wants to offer its customers a solution to onboard easily on My Accounts by practice and to familiarise themselves with it without any risk of error with their personal accounts.



BNP has many objectives and is looking for a demonstration mode: 

– Enriched 100% interactive. A large part of the app will have to be accessible in demonstration mode from start to finish. 

– 100% identical to the My Accounts app in production. All buttons, tabs, lists, menus, calendars, tables … will be clickable in demo mode.

– A naturally anonymised dataset

– Simple and quick to update as the My Accounts app is updated

– Accessible on-line and off-line on IOS and Android mobiles.



Among the various options studied, Knowmore’s K-STUDIO simulator, already in contact with FRB – My Campus, was chosen.

K-STUDIO allows to create a virtual replica of an application or a website. The simulation available on the BNP website, identical to My Accounts app, fully meets BNP’s objectives.



The number of unique visitors to My Accounts simulator has increased by 250% with 24,000 unique visitors per month.

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