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ACMS Supporting its members on a new Web Portal


ACMS wanted to launch a new Member web portal.

Members have to log in to the ACMS platform to update information about their employees. But they won’t be familiar with the new portal.


Stakes and Constraints

ACMS’ mission was for Members to successfully transition to the new Account page: it was essential to avoid the risk of members abandoning and no longer using the application.

ACMS had 2 main constraints:

  • it would have proven impractical to train all members, who only log in a handful of times per year and don’t always have time to read the documentation
  • as members only log in occasionally, the platform will be new to them for a long time



Support members through real-life login, consultation, navigation and input situations in their Account. ACMS chose K-NOW, the Application GPS.

ACMS launched its first employee declaration campaign on its new Members’ Account, with the support of guides co-created by Knowmore. The progressive deployment by groups of 200 members was a success.

ACMS launched its billing details declaration campaign on its Members’ Account. This new campaign was assisted by K-NOW’s step-by-step messages to guide members.



Thanks to the statistics, ACMS can naturally and anonymously follow developments in page visits and member input in real-time. ACMS has reported a high usage of K-NOW content.

With K-NOW, these employee and billing detail declarations are no longer carried out sporadically, they are now available all throughout the year, at the anniversary date of members’ contracts.

By monitoring feedback given by members at the end of the initial guidance, K-NOW content integrated into the Member Account web portal is updated regularly and allows to:

  • reduce load peaks and campaign data input errors
  • help save members’ precious time, therefore increasing satisfaction.

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