Artificial intelligence: your (future) ally for successful digital adoption

Digital transformation is becoming a necessity for businesses. But what role can artificial intelligence play in supporting this inevitable change? Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs), which will soon incorporate AI functionalities, provide concrete, practical answers. Find out how these innovative tools facilitate the adoption of technologies by employees, stimulate commitment and optimise performance. Once integrated, AI will become a major ally in achieving a successful digital transformation.

Can AI help with digital transformation?

Artificial intelligence, which is booming in many sectors, still raises many questions. However, far from wanting to replace humans, it is proving to be an invaluable tool for companies engaged in their digital transformation.

A (simple) definition of AI

AI refers to computer programmes capable of performing tasks that normally require human intervention. AI algorithms learn and improve autonomously as they experiment. A distinction is made between weak AI, which is limited to specific tasks, and strong AI, which tends towards general intelligence.

Within companies, weak AI is already proving useful for automating repetitive processes and analysing massive volumes of data. Even today, the development of predictive AI is revolutionising support and assistance activities. The integration of chatbots equipped with predictive AI is making exchanges more fluid.

Definition of a DAP

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) are software solutions that facilitate and accelerate the adoption of digital tools by employees. In practical terms, DAPs offer personalised user paths to help employees, suppliers and customers learn how to use their business applications (CRM, ERP, HRIS, CMMS, etc.) effectively. Considered as application GPS, they are interactive and contextual: they integrate directly into the interfaces concerned and offer customised pathways, adapted to the user. To reinforce their power, DAP publishers are in the process of jumping on the AI bandwagon: thanks to the solutions offered by Artificial Intelligence, the user experience and the adoption of tools will be that much easier. Eventually, they will incorporate machine learning functionalities to adapt in real time and resolve any problems encountered. Zoom in on the future.

What will be the advantages of DAPs combined with AI?

Whatever the organisation or business sector, Digital Adoption Platforms have proven their effectiveness. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of DAPs in the age of AI.

Easy to learn

The first advantage is that DAPs offer adaptive user paths that guide each employee according to their level and pace of learning. In the future, thanks to AI, learning content could be personalised in real time according to the interaction of each individual.

In concrete terms, employees will be able to receive contextual instructions that guide them step by step through the functionalities. Help bubbles will appear at the right moment to explain how to perform an action. The course will easily alternate tutorial videos, fun quizzes and practical situations directly in the tool.

In the event of a mistake, instant feedback will help to identify any misunderstandings and rectify the situation immediately. This positive reinforcement will further accelerate skills development.

More effective learning

DAPs will incorporate AI algorithms that finely analyse each user’s interactions. In this way, they will be able to accurately detect any gaps or bottlenecks in particular functionalities.

Thanks to these insights, the platform will then be able to draw on its library of educational content to provide users with resources that perfectly match their needs.

This dynamic, fun, tailor-made learning process will enable users to acquire the necessary knowledge and reflexes much more effectively.

Increased productivity

DAPs encourage employee commitment to digital change. They quickly become agents of change, autonomous and productive. Thanks to machine learning, task automation and the 24/7 assistance offered by chatbots, AI will enable users to accelerate their mastery of the digital solutions made available to them, and therefore improve their performance.

Participating in continuous improvement

DAPs identify best practice by analysing the most effective employee journeys. In this way, they contribute to the ongoing optimisation of business processes by encouraging the spread of best practice.

Thanks to the usage data collected, the AI at the heart of DAPs will also be able to finely detect friction points in the use of tools. These valuable insights will enable us to continually improve the user experience.

Reducing costs

DAPs are already significantly reducing training costs for companies: it is no longer necessary to mobilise teams for weeks on end, either face-to-face or remotely. The autonomy offered by the platform means that everyone can learn at their own pace, when they need to. What’s more, fewer incident tickets mean less demand on the support department.

The return on investment is very rapid for the company, which reduces its traditional training and support costs.

If your company is engaged in a digital transformation process, choosing a digital adoption platform is the key to facilitating the mastery of business software and engaging your employees effectively. Artificial Intelligence, which will be integrated into these GPS applications in the future, will enhance the benefits.

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